The Mandala of Sound

Mandala Sound Healing GongA Sound Mandala of sacred geometry energetically is woven in the field, like a blueprint of frequencies, resonating a synthesis, contributing to the full expression of One-Self, an unfoldment of self, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

An exquisite measure of geometric design forms from sound, beginning at the beginning, the center point of Divine Creative Expression. A mandala is a synthesized structure organizing itself around a center point, unified, whole and one. Outward a glorious soulful ripple effect artistically paves its way to create and expand consciousness. Based on mathematical principle, a sound mandala is an energetic activation of our Divine Nature (Divinity).

We contemplate the core of existence, asking ‘what is the ‘center of our being’? We search to find the point of origin connecting us to all things, rather than dividing us. The story of ‘And’ reconciles ‘THIS’ AND ‘THAT’, birthing a heighten sense of awareness from our united being. It is the gathered unified point of center that spirals out from itself, the point of no-thing, to that of diverse creative expression in geometric design, touching all in its path according to its’ highest expression of self.

I work with the sacred sounds of Chakra Realignment Chimes, Gong-Chimes created by Wolfgang Dienert, Monochords by Wolfgang and Bernard Deutz (in Germany), Tibetan Singing Bowls, and two 28? gongs. The harmonic alignment and adjustments produced in participants is diverse and authentic to each experience. The sounds are a beautiful backdrop to the guided journey, for everyone receives what they need all in accordance with the will of their soul.