The Sound Mandala of Harmonization

The Sound Mandala of Harmonization

By Lee Ann Dzelzkalns, M.S.

Mandala in SANSKRIT means CIRCLE. It’s a synthesized structure organizing itself around a unified point or center. It reveals how we are connected from this unified center, thus representing wholeness, oneness, and unity. It radiates outward from whence we have come, rippling, reflecting, and synthesizing all that is – an ever-changing landscape of geometric shapes and patterns. So you can see the point can be a still- point to meditate upon.

Coming out of meditation one day I continued to hear over and over again in the depths of my being ‘SOUND MANDALA SOUND MANDALA. Sound healing guidance elicits symbols in divine proportion to the vibration message and its’ transmission of energy. It is an energetic geometric blueprint of sound laid down in our field. And the intention of the sound healing facilitator guiding a sound journey, together with the participant, is an essential component in the vibration formula that elicits a profound outcome.

THE SOUND MANDALA is an exquisite measure of geometric design which forms from sound, beginning at the beginning, the center point of Divine Creative Expression. Outward a glorious ripple effect artistically paves its way to create or expand consciousness originating from a source of Divinity. Based on mathematical principle, a sound mandala is an energetic activation of our Divine Nature. We contemplate the core of our existence, asking ‘what is the ‘center of our being’? We search to find the point of origin connecting us to all things, rather than dividing us. The elaborate story of ‘And’ reconciles ‘THIS’ AND ‘THAT’ birthing a heighten sense of awareness from their united Being. Through our life’s journey, we experience the swing of the pendulum. We venture upon the sway of extremes to find the middle way of being. It is the point of neutrality where we settle in the still-point of love, light, beauty, wisdom, goodness & truth (qualities of the soul).

“A SOUND MANDALA expansively expresses an overture of geometric healing harmonics to awaken one’s truth of being grounded in Nature, the One-Self, the Universal Heart of Heaven & Earth within,” this echoed deep in my cells. This is what the oneness of life is about. When we listen to the vibration of sound, our favorite opera perhaps, we reverently ride upon the Sacred Sound Current, touching Cosmic Consciousness. We come to recognize we are the microcosmic adventure of the macrocosmic overture, the unifying point in the center with its expansive circumference. We are imbued in the essence of this still-point, the LIGHT of our divine nature at the time of Summer Solstice. It offers direct energetic alignment to contribute integration and synthesis of our masculine and female principles, as well as our divine nature and human nature.

Universe in Latin means uni – One and verse – Song, we are a reflection of the One Song. We don’t have to look any further than the beginning of the point, the principle of Oneness underlying all geometry, the self in the One-Self.

The emanation of the mandala expresses in the rhythms of cycles, seasons, life, death and rebirth. It is the energetic activation of the reference point, spiraling out from itself like the unfurling of a fiddlehead, unfolding the perfection of Nature, in us, as the One Song. It is this time of the year we birth forth, from our united being, equality of self, the harmonization of the greater expression of the ONESELF. It is the LIGHT of the Divine Mother Sophia (Wisdom) awakening humanity now as we synthesize our masculine & feminine principles in a grounded balanced wholeness. ~

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