Lee Ann Dzelzkalns


Summer Solstice Light

Dear One & All ~  Soon we shall embark upon the ritualistic seasonal cycle of the Summer Solstice, the experience of LIGHT. Summer Solstice is about transformation and transmutation that instills a greater depth of spirituality. This season delivers a keynote around ‘right relationship’, which connotes an integration of complements and the reconciliation of opposites. As Read More

Sound Healing and Sleep

Deepa Kannan uncovers the inspiration for Lee Ann’s work, and Lee Ann shares a treat from her new book.

Vernal Equinox 2021 guidance

The rhythm in Spring represents new growth, resurrection, renewal and new life. Join us as we endeavor to release anything incongruent with our evolving self, and vibrationally elevate what is needed in the self to come back into harmonization and homeostasis.

White Rose


I am all that I am, loving connected to universal Source, expanding conscious awareness, sharing my true course. As I surrender and forgive, I detach and rise above. I embrace serenity and freedom now, the truth of unconditional love. (Excerpt – View From the Mountaintop: A Journey Into Wholeness)

Syinthesis Logo

…….Feel the Flow of Spirit

In the light of my soul, I declare ………. AS I RELEASE any ego thought that there is only one way to see, I realize the alchemy of awareness is for me to truly BE. I flow with Spirit. (Excerpt from VIEW FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP daily declaration empowerment cards by Lee Ann Dzelzkalns)

Autumnal Equinox

AUTUMNAL EQUINOX 2020 is here!! The spiritual mysteries around this seasonal cycle are PURIFICATION AND TRANSMUTATION.It is a joy to guide you with the vibration of pure tones, to stabilize and harmonize any tentative inner walking, as equality and wisdom of self, births a greater expression of union. Vibration healing is essential more than ever Read More

Crisis Precedes Transformation

The nature of our time calls for deep healing collectively and personally.  Through this current worldwide health crisis, we are learning that self-care and nurturance are a priority, while we reach out to help those in need.  It is our spiritual strength individually and collectively that will support us through these times of trial. We Read More

Summer Solstice Keynote

GROWING INTO ONESELF Soon we shall embark upon the ritualistic endeavor of the Summer Solstice, the power of light. Early alchemists taught that true illumination and at-one-ment would be formed from a union of the Sun and the Moon. It is a time of blending the masculine and feminine nature within, for greater expression of Read More

Anxiety Finds Inner Peace

Life can be overwhelming at times. We have good days and not so good days. We may feel overly anxious and challenged to conquer our inner tug of war. I have worked with thousands of people in my years, from teaching at the University, to guiding sound journeys at the Syinthesis® Center …. and I Read More

Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Part II

Featured Image by Francine Hart, Visionary Artist, ‘Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck’ DESCRIPTION Rudolf Steiner shared The SOUL Calendar in 1912.  His verses of poetic vibration encourage soul’s evolution and full expression of One-Self.  The verses represent a vibration frequency related to the nature of synthesis.  It is my understanding of synthesis, as he doesn’t speak Read More