MindBody Connection

The Principal of Intention

‘Everything we are or ever will become comes to us as a result of the content of our minds.’ William James the great philosopher instilled in us the simple truth, we certainly can be what we set our mind on. As we spend exceeding amounts of time dwelling on what was, rather than creating the Read More

The Harmonic Union of Imagery & Sound Healing

Published in “Health Wisconsin” August 2010 The Power of Vibrational Healing Think of your favorite song. Or maybe the song you were married to. Or the lullaby your grandma used to sing to you. Or your favorite mantra or chant. Go ahead and imagine it. Actually sing it to yourself in your head. And now, Read More

Mindful Practice

OPEN WHAT IS CLOSED We spend much time in lost thought, in judgment, and daydream states. We pay little attention to the direct experience of our senses, the sights, sounds, smells, and taste sensations in the body. When our attention is scattered our perceptions become clouded. As awareness and concentration become strengthened through relaxation and Read More

SYiNTHESIS® Sound Alchemy

……. where sound and silence meet We are all in a significant time of transition. Each of us is being asked, on a soulful level, to let go of old conditioned patterns of behavior and thought, to move toward a harmonious, synthesized self. Our healing requires a sense of spirituality that recognizes our unique sense Read More