Soul Calendar & Lemniscate

Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Part II

Featured Image by Francine Hart, Visionary Artist, ‘Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck’ DESCRIPTION Rudolf Steiner shared The SOUL Calendar in 1912.  His verses of poetic vibration encourage soul’s evolution and full expression of One-Self.  The verses represent a vibration frequency related to the nature of synthesis.  It is my understanding of synthesis, as he doesn’t speak Read More

Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – PART I

INTRODUCTION  Symbols have been guiding and showing me hidden truths for many years.  It was in my investigation of the figure eight or the lemniscate that I came across Rudolf Steiner’s work on the Soul Calendar and the lemniscate.  When I called the Rudolf Steiner library, they were very kind and informative.  They asked me if Read More