Spiritual Development


Summer Solstice Light

Dear One & All ~  Soon we shall embark upon the ritualistic seasonal cycle of the Summer Solstice, the experience of LIGHT. Summer Solstice is about transformation and transmutation that instills a greater depth of spirituality. This season delivers a keynote around ‘right relationship’, which connotes an integration of complements and the reconciliation of opposites. As Read More

Crisis Precedes Transformation

The nature of our time calls for deep healing collectively and personally.  Through this current worldwide health crisis, we are learning that self-care and nurturance are a priority, while we reach out to help those in need.  It is our spiritual strength individually and collectively that will support us through these times of trial. We Read More

Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – PART I

INTRODUCTION  Symbols have been guiding and showing me hidden truths for many years.  It was in my investigation of the figure eight or the lemniscate that I came across Rudolf Steiner’s work on the Soul Calendar and the lemniscate.  When I called the Rudolf Steiner library, they were very kind and informative.  They asked me if Read More

The Spiritual Mysteries of Autumn

It is a joy to guide you with the vibration of pure tones in the Lotus Heart Sound Journey, to stabilize and harmonize any tentative inner walking, as equality and wisdom of self, births a greater expression of union.  When we retune the self, we assist Mother Earth to restore her natural vibration in harmony, Read More


How can we become that which in our essential Nature, we already are?

The Inner Doorway of Empowered Grace

Through the Inner Doorway of Self we Unfold — like a beautiful flower opening and growing into its fullest expression of flower-ness – one petal at a time, uncovering, discovering, and recovering the beauty, goodness and truth of its connection to the Nature of ALL Things. This is akin to our inner process, the integration Read More

The Awakening

Written by: William Meader Humanity is on the verge of unprecedented crisis and change. In every country there is a rising tide of fear as we witness our economic and social institutions seemingly fail. To many people, the world predicament feels hauntingly ominous and even insurmountable. Yet, it must be realized that this is not Read More

Practical Mysticism

Written by: William Meader For centuries, mysticism has been a major force in our quest to experience God and the spiritual dimension of life. Our yearning to find relationship with the Divine is ancient, and has been an instinctual impulse within us since the dawning hour of humankind. Indeed, this urge is woven into the Read More

Personality or Soul?

PREFACE Luminescent golden fingers of dawn light the morning sky as I mindfully water flowers in our sanctuary, a moving meditation of sorts. Consciousness ebbs and flows about our time together in Indianapolis. The INEH (International Esoteric Healers) of North America converged for a weekend conference to experience “Group Consciousness in Action” in May 2006. Read More

Oneness: Interfaith Inspiration

“God is like a mirror. The mirror never changes but everyone who looks at it sees a different face.” — Midrash Tanhama (Judaism) “All life is one. The world is one home. All are members of one human family. All creation is an organic whole. No man is independent of this whole. Man makes himself Read More